3 Smart Choices To Make If You Want To Avoid Cavities

Are you looking forward to an opportunity to have a cavity removed from a tooth? While your Prairie Village, KS dentist can make the process of restorative dental work easier than you might think possible, it is fair to assume that no one looks forward to having dental work done. With that said, many people fail to make choices that sufficiently protect them from harmful tooth decay. If you want to make sure your smile stays free of problems, take care to make smart choices every day to prevent oral health issues from occurring. Between your regular dental checkups, you should have good habits in place to consistently prevent decay from affecting you.

1. Start Flossing On A Daily Basis

If you are not flossing every day, it will be difficult for you to fully clean your teeth. The spaces between your teeth are vulnerable to bacteria buildup, which can lead to cavities as well as gum disease. By flossing consistently, you fight this accumulation, which can protect you. This also helps you fight the accumulation of unflattering tartar deposits between teeth.

2. Cut Back On Soft Drinks And Other Sources Of Sugar

If you are not careful to control your intake of sugar, you can have a difficult time keeping bacteria from damaging your enamel to the point of forming a cavity. Cutting soft drinks out of your life and replacing them with water can help you stay out of trouble with your oral health. Soft drinks are one of many products on the market that can possess a worrying amount of sugar. This may not be the only diet change you should make, but it is one that can benefit your oral health. Removing soft drinks from your life can also help you avoid the accumulation of teeth stains that can hurt your smile.

3. Time Yourself When You Brush Your Teeth

How much time should it take you to brush each day? You should make time to clean your teeth at least two times, and on both occasions you should clean them for at least two minutes. By timing yourself, you can gain a sense of whether your habits are as consistent as they should be. If they are not, spending more time brushing can help you fight bacteria buildup and food debris accumulation, which means fewer dental crowns and dental fillings in your future.

Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist Can Address Dental Troubles

At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we are prepared to help our patients when they experience dental problems. With that said, we want everyone who visits us to feel confident in their own ability to prevent problems with tooth decay and gum disease! To find out more about us, please call our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.