Tips To Help You Care For Your Smile Each Morning

Early risers and the forever sleep-deprived can have vastly different experiences during what they would call a “typical” morning. For some, the beginning of the day is a pleasant and relaxing time, while others find themselves rushing through it in order to stay on a schedule. No matter what your usual morning looks like, it should feature some time dedicated to proper smile care. Oral bacteria can build up while you are asleep, which makes effective brushing important. You can also make choices at breakfast that can influence your risk for tooth decay. What you do between your dental checkups will be important for your long-term oral health. With this in mind, our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office encourages patients to make smart choices throughout each day.

How Effective Is Your Brushing Routine?

A thorough brushing session in the morning can remove oral bacteria that multiply through the night. If you are thorough, you can prevent problems that might require a dental filling or dental crown, even in harder-to-reach areas of your smile. The effort you put into brushing also helps you protect yourself against gingivitis. Give yourself enough time to thoroughly clean your smile – if you rush through brushing in the morning, you can be more likely to leave some teeth poorly served.

Choose A Smile-Friendly Breakfast

Are you a lover of sugary cereals? Do you have a weakness for doughnuts and pastries when you wake up? The “normal” breakfast items that many people enjoy can be loaded with sugars, making them trouble for anyone who wants to avoid restorative dental work. Instead of sweet, nutrient-poor breakfast items, stick with healthier cereals, or meals that offer more protein and fiber instead of sugar.

Do You Start Your Day With Pain In Your Teeth And Jaw? It Could Be Bruxism

Starting your morning right may be difficult for you if you tend to wake up with pain in your teeth and jaw muscles. This problem can become a common one for someone struggling with bruxism. If this issue is a recurring problem, a special mouth guard can help. You can also deal with this matter by working on stress reduction, managing a habit of teeth grinding during the day, and taking a break from products with alcohol and caffeine.

Dr. Browne Is Proud To Provide Smile Care To The Prairie Village, KS Community

Dr. Browne is ready to provide a variety of beneficial oral health services to the people in and around Prairie Village, KS. Between visits, you can make sure your smile stays healthy with good habits during the day, particularly during the morning. By making smart choices, you can avoid issues with tooth decay and gum disease! For more information, you can reach our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.