Prevent Gingivitis With A Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Every time you clean your teeth, you remove oral bacteria that can gather and spread throughout each day. This is important for fighting cavities, as harmful bacteria can release acids that cause cavities to form. Your efforts to care for your smile will also help you protect your gums…as long as you are practicing good habits. It is possible to leave yourself vulnerable to gingivitis if you are doing a poor job cleaning at your gum line. This can allow bacteria to build at the bases of teeth, which can lead to an infection of your periodontal tissues. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office takes periodontal problems seriously. When a dental exam leads to the discovery of an infection, an ultrasonic scaling can be performed to remove bacteria that have gathered below your gum line.

Take The Threat Of Gum Disease Seriously

How worried should you be if you have gingivitis? At first, your infection can cause problems that seem relatively mild. You may notice some bleeding when you brush and floss, or have issues with swollen or receding tissues. It is important to note that the problem can worsen in time if you let the matter go without treatment. Eventually, your infection can worsen – in addition to being difficult to manage, advanced gum disease can destroy the tissues that keep teeth in place! The result of this problem is a greater risk for tooth loss. You also have to be concerned with the potential spread of bacteria from your gums to different parts of your body, which can lead to new health troubles.

Tips To Help You Manage Your Periodontal Health

Brushing and flossing your teeth can help you fight back against a potential infection. To do so effectively, you should make a point to clean the spaces where your teeth and gums meet. People who regularly floss sometimes fail to do this, as they only move a floss string back and forth. Move it vertically, and bring it all the way down to your gum line, to more effectively protect yourself.

What Should You Do If You See Signs Of Gingivitis?

If you recently had a dental filling or dental crown put in place, you (hopefully) gave some thought to improving your oral care routine. You should also put thought into beneficial changes if you notice signs of gingivitis. Spend more time brushing and flossing, and pay close attention so that you effectively clean every area of your smile, in order to protect yourself against infection.

Dr. Browne Provides Dental And Periodontal Care For The Prairie Village, KS Community

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