Month: October 2016

Dental Implants: Know Your Words Quiz

Do you think that you know all there is to have learned about dental implants? Maybe you have a surprisingly solid grasp on what happens throughout the process of receiving this tooth replacement treatment. However, maybe you don’t know much about the common vocabulary terms that apply (and that can become confusing). Let’s set the… Read more »

Prosthetic Dentistry: Your Options For A Complete Smile

When you experience tooth loss, the immediate goal is always to find a way to replace the teeth you’re missing. Rest assured, you have nothing to worry about! You have option after option when it comes to narrowing down the best prosthetic dentistry choice for your needs. Note: Prosthetic care includes the placement of artificial devices… Read more »

Help! I Have A Dental Emergency!

Do you worry about what might happen if you’re suddenly in need of our care but it’s nowhere near your next appointment? Perhaps something happens (you break a tooth, you bite your lip, you dislodge your tooth, etc.) and you need to see a dentist now. No worries! We provide our patients with the care… Read more »

MTM Aligners: Answering Common Questions

If you have been spending time looking at your smile in the mirror, grimacing because you’re unhappy with the alignment of your teeth, you’re not without hope. In fact, you may find that the orthodontic system we offer for improvement comes with more benefits than you realized was possible. To help you become a little… Read more »

Electric Toothbrushes: Should I Use One?

The more you pay attention to the advertisements around you, the more you will discover you keep hearing about electric toothbrushes. While you may at first dismiss them since we are all but drowning in ads these days, you may suddenly find yourself somewhat enamored with the benefits. Rest assured, you don’t need to struggle… Read more »

When You Want A Whiter Smile

When you’re hoping to achieve a whiter smile, you may find that you are having trouble taking the first step. This is often the case because many patients aren’t certain about what that initial step should include. Fortunately, getting started is quite simple. Do yourself a favor and avoid attempting to brighten up your grin with… Read more »

Porcelain Veneers: Answering Your Questions

Do you love thinking about the finished result of porcelain veneers? However, are there some questions you have regarding a few details or the steps along the way that end up keeping you from choosing this cosmetic treatment for your smile? Rather than giving into the fact that you’re just missing some information, we suggest… Read more »

Why Do I Have Puffy Gums?

When patients come to us worrying about their gums, there’s often a common question that arises: “Why do I have puffy gums?” we tend to hear. The good news is that you have come to us for assistance. If you have not done this yet, we suggest you quickly give us a call, so we… Read more »

2 Hints: Avoiding Tooth Decay

When you find yourself worrying about tooth decay, you may start to feel a little bit hopeless. It might seem like a monster you can’t predict and that you can’t avoid. Fortunately, this is not the case at all. This feeling is just the result of being without some important information you need, so you… Read more »

Restorative Care Treatments We Offer

The good news is that we offer comprehensive services, which include the restorative treatments we offer. When you’re in need of a repair for your smile, it’s always reassuring, of course, to know that you can simply schedule a visit and come in (and that we will take care of the rest). However, when you’re… Read more »