Why Do I Have Puffy Gums?

whyblockWhen patients come to us worrying about their gums, there’s often a common question that arises: “Why do I have puffy gums?” we tend to hear. The good news is that you have come to us for assistance. If you have not done this yet, we suggest you quickly give us a call, so we may schedule an appointment to examine your smile. As for what’s causing your gums to look puffed up rather than a healthy flat, flush appearance, there are a couple major factors to consider. Let’s get started with the basics.

Gum Disease

The first thing we look for when someone mentions puffy gums is gum inflammation as the result of gum disease. When plaque (and tartar) build up beneath your gumline, they cause significant irritation to your gum tissue. Over time, your tissue becomes inflamed, an issue that is often followed by the beginning of infection. By coming to us for this issue, we can perform a deep cleaning before the disease becomes severe and irreversible, which will require specialized care.

A “Gummy” Smile

If you come to us worried about your puffy gums, only this isn’t a new problem (and you have no present gum disease), chances are good that you simply have a “gummy” smile. This is another way of saying that you have excessive gum tissue, which causes you to look at your grin in the mirror and think to yourself that your gums look enlarged (and often that your teeth look short). Fortunately, we offer gum recontouring, a cosmetic, minor surgical procedure in which we can remove the tissue causing the problem, so your gumline looks lovely.