Electric Toothbrushes: Should I Use One?

womanwonderingcurlyThe more you pay attention to the advertisements around you, the more you will discover you keep hearing about electric toothbrushes. While you may at first dismiss them since we are all but drowning in ads these days, you may suddenly find yourself somewhat enamored with the benefits. Rest assured, you don’t need to struggle with an internal conflict over this one, trying to decide whether the benefit claims are real or fake. When it comes to switching from a manual toothbrush, you will discover that (if it pleases you), trying out the electric option is often a wonderful decision!

It’s Up To You

If you’re spending any time stressing over this decision, now is a wonderful time to stop. You’ll be quite relieved to learn that you don’t need to choose an electric toothbrush. A manual brush works very well to protect your smile! However, if the desire to try one shows up, there’s no reason to skip the opportunity. It’s all about preference with this one. The only reason we may suggest choosing electric? If you’re not seeing the results you need with the manual option.

Why You Might Want To Try One

If you feel like your reasons aren’t good enough for trying an electric toothbrush, we are here to reassure you that they probably are. The first reason is simply that you’re curious, which is reason enough. Other reasons like potential benefits may include a desire to make your brushing sessions easier on your hand and arm, a hope that you will press more gently to protect your gum health, and the thought that you may be able to remove more plaque during your brushing routine. We say, give it a try!