Performing Reliable Tooth Extraction

Senior man smiling on white backgroundWhat should you expect when your dentist suggests extracting one of your teeth? Do not worry if you feel hesitation, as it is completely normal to want to keep as many of your natural teeth as possible! Sometimes though, the benefits of removing your tooth outweigh leaving an injured structure in place. Certain problems may be too severe to treat with a more conservative restorative procedure, or you may have a condition that threatens other healthy teeth. Cavities that have grown too large may necessitate full removal as can a tooth that is severely harmed after a root canal procedure. Whatever the initial reason for your extraction, your Prairie Village, KS dentist will take care to perform the removal and work with you to design a replacement. Extraction is often just the first step in receiving your custom prosthetic!

Why Your Dentist Recommends Removing Your Tooth

Removing your entire tooth is an option to address dental injuries that are too severe for preserving healthy structure. You may not have enough material to support a dental filling or dental crown after removing the decay of a cavity. Because it erodes the connective tissues that hold them in place, advanced periodontal disease may require the removal of certain teeth. You may be an adult patient whose baby tooth never fully fell out and requires a manual extraction procedure. No matter the precipitating cause, we only recommend removal when there is no other way to preserve your healthy smile. Although it can be disappointing to learn that the tooth cannot be saved, know that extraction is the first step towards your recovery. We can stop your injury from progressing and plan a restoration to return the function of your bite and enhance your appearance!

Planning A Restoration Of Your Missing Tooth

After we extract your tooth, we will discuss the multitude of restorations available to restore your smile. A custom-made dental bridge is a great option to recover the appearance of one or more missing teeth while offering valuable support to your bite. A bridge creates a lifelike prosthetic that attaches to crowns placed on the teeth surrounding your gap. By mimicking their natural shade and shape, the bridge creates the look of a full set of teeth. Other patients may benefit from the placement of a dental implant. An implant offers unique benefits for jawbone health by providing stimulation that is lost when removing a tooth’s roots. We place a titanium post directly into the bone that allows for placement of a crown above to replace the removed structure.

Speak With Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About The Benefits Of Tooth Extraction

Removing your injured tooth can restore the health of your smile by allowing for placement of a full prosthetic. For more information and to schedule a visit, call your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office today at 913-901-8585.