Month: February 2019

Performing A Root Canal To Save Your Vulnerable Tooth

Tooth enamel is a remarkably strong material, which can keep the inner layers of a tooth well protected. While healthy enamel can keep out harmful agents like oral bacteria, we are not totally immune to internal infections. If you leave a cavity untreated for too long a period, the level of decay can eventually expose… Read more »

Are Poor Choices At The Office Starting To Hurt Your Smile?

When you take a break from work, or stop during the day for lunch, your decisions can have a bigger impact on your smile than you might realize. If your typical snacks and quick lunches are higher in sugar, or tend to be starchy or sticky, you can raise your cavity risk in a serious… Read more »

See The Turbulent Twenties Exhibit At Johnson County Museum

You can learn about the wild, unpredictable, and…well, the “turbulent” American experience the 1920s at the Turbulent Twenties exhibit! The Johnson County Museum hosts this exhibit, which introduces visitors to the significant social and political moments that define this decade of our history. You can learn about how this period shaped our politics, our music,… Read more »

Relying On Gum Contouring To Noticeably Improve Your Smile

Any problem that affects the way you look while smiling can be something that causes frustration and embarrassment. When you are concerned about the look of your periodontal tissues, you can feel especially bothered because you can be unsure of what, if anything, can be done. Fortunately, your Prairie Village, KS dentist is ready to… Read more »

Putting In A Better Effort To Keep Your Teeth Clean

Have you grown concern over possible signs of tooth decay, or gum disease? Do you feel like you need to make changes to your oral health routine after needing restorative dental work in the recent past? If you are not consistent with your oral hygiene, or if you have a habit of indulging your sweet… Read more »

Extracting A Tooth Can Help You Return To Good Oral Health

How can the removal of a tooth be good for your smile? While it is true that your dental function is built around the idea that your smile is complete, sometimes the only way to address problems with a tooth is to have it extracted. This is only done in cases where there is no… Read more »

These Great Changes Are Possible With Porcelain Veneers

It can be exciting to think about your smile’s transformation after cosmetic dental work, particularly when you express an interest in porcelain veneers. With custom veneers, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can help you boost your confidence by addressing issues like discoloration, dental damage, and even some problems with poor dental alignment. In fact, you… Read more »

Enjoy The Johnson County Home And Garden Show This March!

From Friday, March 8 through Sunday, March 10, the Johnson County Home And Garden Show will take place at the Overland Park Convention Center! During these three days, you can explore the center to meet with experts and vendors, and come up with a plan to make dramatic improvements to your living spaces. More than… Read more »

Frequent Headaches Could Be Linked To Jaw Problems

Why would troubles with your jaw have something to do with your repeated headaches? Your jaw function is managed by your trigeminal nerve, which also handles sensation for your jaw, face, head, and neck. A person who suffers from TMJ dysfunction might experience headaches, or bouts of neck pain, in addition to having trouble moving… Read more »

Understanding The Effects Of Stress On Your Smile

Between the demands of work and the demands of your home life, it can feel impossible to avoid stress all the time, but its effect on your well-being is serious enough to make it something you should limit as much as possible. Stress can impact your smile in direct and indirect ways. Stress can lead… Read more »