Frequent Headaches Could Be Linked To Jaw Problems

Why would troubles with your jaw have something to do with your repeated headaches? Your jaw function is managed by your trigeminal nerve, which also handles sensation for your jaw, face, head, and neck. A person who suffers from TMJ dysfunction might experience headaches, or bouts of neck pain, in addition to having trouble moving their jaws. By telling your Prairie Village, KS dentist about issues like headaches can lead to the treatment for TMJ dysfunction, so you can put an end to pain. Timely treatment can mean feeling better sooner, and it can protect you against the potentially serious effects of bruxism.

What Kind Of Effects Can I Experience From TMJ Dysfunction?

TMJ dysfunction can be caused by stress, arthritis in your jaw joints, an injury, or an uneven bite. There may be several potential reasons for you to have trouble with your TMJs (temporomandibular joints). The matter can cause you to have headaches frequently. You can also have pain in your neck, jaw, and face. Biting, speaking, and chewing can become difficult as well.

For many people, TMJ dysfunction is also connected to bruxism. Bruxism refers to recurring teeth grinding, which typically happens during sleep. If you go without treatment for this, you could do serious harm to your smile, which can demand restorative dental work to properly repair.

Using An Appliance To Relieve Your Jaw Pain

Your dentist can create a custom appliance that reduces the discomfort created by TMJ dysfunction, and relaxes your jaw joints. This custom appliance can hold your jaw in a better position to reduce strain, and help you recover from frequent discomfort. An insert worn each night can also protect you against problems from grinding your teeth, so you will not have to worry about causing harm to them while you sleep.

If Your Teeth Are Damaged From Frequent Grinding, Your Dentist Can Help You

Patients who take too long to do something about TMJ dysfunction and bruxism can ultimately experience issues from dental damage, which can require restorative care. If the harm is serious enough to warrant the placement of dental crowns, your dentist can work with you to provide the support needed. You may also consider cosmetic dental work to address damages that affect the way you look, but do not cause problems for your oral health.

Talk To Dr. Browne To Receive Treatment For Headaches And Jaw Troubles

If you are suffering from headaches, jaw stiffness and soreness, or other signs of TMJ dysfunction, talk to Dr. Browne about undergoing treatment. Our practice is proud to work with the people of Prairie Village, KS and surrounding areas, and to provide help with this and many other concerns. To learn more or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.