Month: August 2018

Enjoy Puppy-Pool-Ooza Before The Prairie Village Pool Closes

As the summer season wraps up, the Prairie Village community pool is set to close for the season. However, there is still time to enjoy a little more fun in the water, thanks to the Puppy-Pool-Ooza event! On Tuesday, September 4, you can bring your dog out to enjoy time at the pool before it… Read more »

Understanding What You Gain From Dental Implant Support

What kind of difference can the support of a dental implant, or dental implants, make for a person looking to restore their incomplete smile? If you have lost even one tooth, you can suffer cosmetic as well as functional difficulties. It may be harder to comfortably bite, chew, and speak. Over time, you can experience… Read more »

What Should I Do If My Tooth Is Injured?

Because they can leave you in pain, and with significant smile problems, a dental injury can cause real distress. If you experience harm that results in a chipped or cracked tooth, or even the loss of a tooth, you can count on emergency care from your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office. By providing prompt support,… Read more »

Bruxism Can Lead To Pain, And Dental Damage – We Can Help

If you allow a teeth grinding habit to go on unaddressed, you could eventually experience issues like persistent pain, and dental damage. Over time, your smile may be affected by an accumulation of wear and tear, which can even result in harm that makes the placement of a dental crown necessary. The problem affects more… Read more »

Identifying Signs Of Trouble During A Routine Dental Exam

Regular dental exams provide you with useful information concerning the current state of your smile. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office will regularly take time during these visits to examine your teeth using advanced imaging technology, to carefully track any possible changes or issues. Individuals who make a habit of attending these checkups can have… Read more »

Recognizing And Addressing Cosmetic Dental Issues

If you feel frustrated over the way your smile seems flawed, you should know that your Prairie Village, KS dentist can provide help through cosmetic dental treatment. One benefit to discussing your esthetic concerns with your dentist is that you can learn about the different treatments available to you, and how they can help you… Read more »

Learn Local History By Exploring Johnson County Museum!

Families in and around the area of Prairie Village, KS can learn about our county’s history by visiting Johnson County Museum! This museum is set up to help residents learn more about their hometown’s past, and understand the roots of our community. There are interactive exhibits and activities to offer instruction, and entertainment. When you… Read more »

Providing A Long-Term Solution To Dental Damage Or Decay

Tooth decay and dental damage can result in permanent harm to teeth. Because our oral health can be permanently compromised by these problems, it is important that your restorative dental treatment offer long-lasting support. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can offer care for dental problems that keep vulnerable teeth safe. Modern dental fillings and… Read more »

How Your Dentist Can Make Dental Care More Comfortable

Some patients will find it hard to feel comfortable during dental treatment, even during a routine dental exam. If you have anxieties about oral health care, make sure you communicate this with your Prairie Village, KS dentist. Part of patient comfort is creating an environment that is relaxing, welcoming, and generally calming. For patients who… Read more »

Addressing Gum Disease Before Your Condition Worsens

If you notice that your gums tend to bleed more easily, or appear swollen, you could have a problem with gum disease. These symptoms, along with chronic bad breath, should grab your attention. When your Prairie Village, KS dentist is made aware of possible periodontal troubles, you can be treated with an ultrasonic scaling. This… Read more »