Month: June 2018

Summer Dental Emergencies: A Quiz For Fun

Dental emergencies can happen any time. In fact, if we knew when to expect them, we could plan ahead and maybe they wouldn’t be emergencies, would they? Things can always catch us by surprise, whether it’s a small problem that turned into a big one, or a completely unexpected happening. When you need a same-day… Read more »

MTM Clear Aligners: What Can They Do?

Are you 100% happy with the position of the teeth in your smile? Many people are not satisfied, and yet they live with the annoyance or curtail their smile, rather than ask a helpful dentist in Prairie View, KS what might be done to solve the issue. They may have told themselves “It will take… Read more »

Car Seat Safety Check in PV

Gone are the days when little ones travelled sitting in mom or dad’s lap, or playing rambunctiously in the back seat of the car. The good news is, car safety seats for little ones have made travel safer. Car seats come with amenities like super-comfortable harnesses, plush inserts, stroller conversion options, and much more. Proper installation… Read more »

What To Do About A Broken Tooth

It can happen at any time. Eating a few almonds. Nibbling the meat at a delicious barbecue. Maybe you stepped off the curb with a tooth-rattling thud. Whether it is a small-ish chip, or a more severe accident, a broken tooth (whether it is your own tooth, or that of a loved one) can be… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy: 3 Big Fears

If there is a classic “Oh No!” dental situation, it might be the thought of root canal therapy. Yet, the reality is that an infected tooth grows more painful when it is left untreated.  For many patients, the dental consultation and assessment is the first step to feeling better. If your Kansas City dentist has… Read more »

Routine Visits: Why They Matter

Sometimes routines get a bad rap. Perhaps they sound boring, or repetitive. Just the same old thing. In fact, routines help form healthy habits, and save mental energy for the really important things…like travel plans, and decisions about summer vacation! Scheduling routine dental visits is a perfect example of a healthy routine that should be… Read more »

Your Toothbrush: Features You’re Getting Wrong

When you’re using a toothbrush that offers protective features for your smile, you know that your dental hygiene and your preventive care are underway in an effective manner. However, when you use a brush with features that run contrary to what we might suggest for your smile, did you know that your oral health may… Read more »

Coffee With A Cop June 2018

Have a hankering for a good cup of coffee? Love some nice, invigorating conversation over a yummy cup of Joe? Well then. The upcoming Coffee With A Cop may be an opportunity that you’ll appreciate!

Gum Disease: Things Everyone Should Know!

There’s probably a long list of things that you’re already familiar with when the topic is gum disease. Perhaps you know it means bad things for your oral health and that it is often accompanied by symptoms like red, puffy gums and bad breath. However, the things that aren’t on that list are those details… Read more »

Tooth Pain And Surprising Ways Toward Tooth Loss

You may understand that tooth pain is not something to take lightly because you know that it might mean you need restorative care. What you may not fully understand, though, is that this is not just serious business. It’s so serious that you might even face tooth loss if you aren’t careful! Find out some… Read more »