Your Toothbrush: Features You’re Getting Wrong

When you’re using a toothbrush that offers protective features for your smile, you know that your dental hygiene and your preventive care are underway in an effective manner. However, when you use a brush with features that run contrary to what we might suggest for your smile, did you know that your oral health may not be quite as safe as you were hoping? Let us run through details you should pay close attention to, so there’s never any question!

You Choose Hard Bristles

When you’re faced with choosing between hard bristles, medium bristles, and soft bristles, you may rely on your rational thought. This, of course, may lead you to believe that the hardest material is probably the best at helping you remove debris and plaque during dental hygiene. We get it! However, we also like to remind patients that the better choice is actually the soft choice. They’re firm enough yet gentle enough to get you through safe and complete care.

You Use A Very Big Head

It seems like the bigger the toothbrush head, the more you can clean within a second. The head of your brush may also contain rubber finger-like protrusions to help massage your gums, and more. This all seems very exciting! However, if there’s too much going on or the brush is just too large, it may make it difficult to actually perform your dental hygiene. The basic brush with bristles is all you need (just remember that it needs to fit comfortably throughout your mouth).

Choose Hygiene Products That Work For You

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