Month: April 2018

Why Infected Root Canals Matter So Much

Tooth decay is most commonly known as the infection that leads to cavities, or holes in your teeth. In most cases, these cavities can be treated early with a minimally invasive, tooth-colored filling. However, more severe cases of tooth decay can involve the infection of your tooth’s pulp and root canal, which carry its nerves… Read more »

Discovering Tori In Your Smile: What Is This?

Though you may not know them by name until right now, if you have protrusions, hard bumps, or bony growths (or any other term you’ve come up with) that have developed in your mouth, then you may be a little worried. Or, you may have thought that the anatomy of your mouth was somewhat standard… Read more »

Cosmetic Care By Time

Are you under the impression that if you want to see a serious transformation as far as your smile is concerned, it’s probably going to take a year or more? What if you found out some dramatic improvements take place within anywhere from a visit to up to just a half a year? Patients are… Read more »

Avoid Tooth Pain By…

You know that when you want to avoid tooth pain, you need to do things that help you keep your teeth out of the line of potential damage. This could mean a lot of things. The most readily available thought for many patients is assuming that it’s best to protect teeth from cavities, which is… Read more »

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Has your spring cleaning included trying to dispose of your prescription drugs that you may no longer need but aren’t sure how to properly get rid of? If so, you may still have bottles of them cluttering up your medicine cabinet because you’re simply not sure about what to do. Good news: The upcoming National… Read more »

Details: Damaged Dental Work

Do you ever wonder about your dental work? Did your bridge used to feel completely fine and like it was “just part of your smile” but lately it’s been giving you what you think is a toothache? Maybe your tooth that has a filling feels like it’s not closing against your other teeth in quite… Read more »

What Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Tooth Fillings

Most people (over 90%) will have to deal with a cavity at some point in their lives, if they haven’t already. However, many patients fear that if they receive a metal filling to treat their cavities, then they’ll have a metallic shine to deal with every time they smile. Fortunately, that concern is often irrelevant… Read more »

Tooth Extraction: Nope, Not The End Of The World!

When you hear from our team that you need a tooth extraction, what’s the first thought that passes through your mind? Is it a positive thought? If it’s something along the lines of, “Oh no, this is the end of the world!” then you may need to take a deep breath or two and reassess…. Read more »

Clock Tower Concerts

Have you gotten your warm weather wardrobe sorted out just yet? If you aren’t feeling concert ready, then you may want to begin collecting pieces that will allow you to enjoy the upcoming Clock Tower Concerts that will be taking place in May, July, and August. As you may have noted, you’ve got just enough… Read more »

Restorative Care: Is It Comfortable?

Regardless of the type of restorative care you need for your smile, why you need it, when you require it, and how long it’s going to take, there’s generally one question on every patient’s mind that tends to trump all others. The question is: Will it be comfortable? Of course, we know that when you… Read more »