Cosmetic Care By Time

Are you under the impression that if you want to see a serious transformation as far as your smile is concerned, it’s probably going to take a year or more? What if you found out some dramatic improvements take place within anywhere from a visit to up to just a half a year? Patients are frequently surprised by the speed at which cosmetic dentistry treatments can help them see the switch from an okay smile to one that looks amazing. Consider cosmetic care in terms of time to help you along.

One Visit

You may be happy to learn that some cosmetic care treatments can be complete within just one visit. For instance, if you are someone with some little frustrating issues you’d like taken care of with the help of dental bonding and/or contouring, this can require just a single session with us. Both of these services are quick, comfortable, and can offer surprisingly apparent changes.

A Couple Weeks At Home

Want a whiter smile without worrying about creating any damage or sensitivity to your smile? Well then, we are happy to announce that we offer take-home teeth whitening. We’ll give you instructions, trays, and bleach, and you’ll use the treatment for about two weeks to achieve a serious transformation!

A Few Visits

Want a smile makeover with porcelain veneers? No worries. This isn’t going to take a long time. Instead, you can enjoy your customized smile within about three visits or so.

Six Months

Cosmetic care can include helping your slightly crooked or spaced teeth look better by shifting them into a feature that looks much more esthetically pleasing. We accomplish this with the treatment called MTM Aligners, which can take as little as six months.

Care For Your Smile’s Beauty With Our Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer efficient cosmetic care that yields beautiful results! Give us time to provide you with some helpful information during a consultation or your next visit. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.