What Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Tooth Fillings

Most people (over 90%) will have to deal with a cavity at some point in their lives, if they haven’t already. However, many patients fear that if they receive a metal filling to treat their cavities, then they’ll have a metallic shine to deal with every time they smile. Fortunately, that concern is often irrelevant thanks to the use of tooth-colored composite resin. Known as tooth-colored fillings, the resin-based restorations offer a variety of benefits for restoring and improving teeth that have been afflicted by destructive cavities.  

They don’t have to be obvious

While traditional fillings were most often made from metal, more patients today are enjoying the benefits of a much less obvious tooth-colored filling. As the name suggests, tooth-colored fillings are custom-designed to match the color and shade of the teeth they repair. This creates a lifelike finish that remains virtually undetectable for life.

They can prevent root canal therapy

Aside from appearance, resin fillings also bond to your tooth structure better than metal, which means better protection against harmful oral bacteria. Tooth-colored fillings are less likely to fail, which means you’re less likely to need root canal therapy for the tooth later on due to a failed restoration.

They can used as cosmetic treatments

Tooth-colored resin is so esthetically pleasing that it can often be used for purely cosmetic purposes, even if your tooth doesn’t have a cavity. Officially referred to as tooth bonding, your dentist can place the resin on the outside of your tooth to conceal stubborn stains, fix a chipped or worn edge, or close excessive spaces between teeth.

Learn More About Modern Tooth Fillings

With a modern tooth filling, you can not only treat your cavity, but also restore the tooth’s healthy, natural, and vibrant appearance. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Robert M. Browne, DDS, in Prairie Village, KS today at (913) 901-8585.