Month: March 2016

Do You Know The Signs Of Gum Disease?

How familiar are you with the symptoms of gum disease? A periodontal infection is not painful, but it can express itself in several ways. Look for evidence of swelling in your gums, or a redder color. If you are bleeding more often when you brush and floss, you could be dealing with an infection. It… Read more »

Ignoring Your Oral Health Can Have Serious Consequences

You should consider your oral health a serious part of your overall health. Your trips to the dentist are about more than simply stopping cavities. Links have been found between gum disease and serious problems, like heart disease, and diabetes. During a routine dental exam, your dentist is looking for more than just signs of… Read more »

Treating An Advanced Cavity

Between smart at-home care and regular dental checkups, you can drastically limit your likelihood of suffering an advanced cavity. If you do develop a cavity, your dentist can identify it in its earlier stages at a checkup. If it is caught in time and restored with a filling, you lose less of your natural tooth,… Read more »

Enjoy Professional Whitening Results At Home

A professional cosmetic dental treatment has to be performed at your dentist’s office…right? While that would certainly be a logical conclusion, you might be surprised to know that your dentist can give you the necessary tools to whiten your teeth at home. Rather than having the treatment in the office, you can receive custom-sized dental… Read more »