Do You Know The Signs Of Gum Disease?

do you know the signs of gum diseaseHow familiar are you with the symptoms of gum disease? A periodontal infection is not painful, but it can express itself in several ways. Look for evidence of swelling in your gums, or a redder color. If you are bleeding more often when you brush and floss, you could be dealing with an infection. It is important to recognize the presence of gum disease, and treat it. Like with cavities, it can worsen over time, and create several threats to your oral health. If you are starting to develop this issue, an ultrasonic deep cleaning can help fight back against it.

Good Oral Care Protects Your Teeth, And Your Gums

Whether it is with your dentist or on your own, good oral care should protect your teeth, and your gums. During a routine checkup and cleaning, your teeth, gums, and mouth are inspected for any possible problems. During these examinations, your dentist may notice evidence of gum disease, or spot the formation of tooth decay. You are also screened for oral cancer. Between appointments, you should brush and floss diligently, so that bacteria have a harder time successfully attacking your enamel or gum tissue.

How An Ultrasonic Deep Clean Can Protect You From Advancing Gum Disease

An ultrasonic deep cleaning is a treatment where your dentist actually accesses the portions of your teeth below your gum line, to remove any bacteria that reside there. This can take time, and may require multiple visits to complete. However, if you are worried about the onset of a periodontal infection, it can stop these problems so that you do not face more serious complications.


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