Ignoring Your Oral Health Can Have Serious Consequences

ignoring your oral health can have serious consequencesYou should consider your oral health a serious part of your overall health. Your trips to the dentist are about more than simply stopping cavities. Links have been found between gum disease and serious problems, like heart disease, and diabetes. During a routine dental exam, your dentist is looking for more than just signs of decay on your teeth. You also receive a close inspection for any other worrisome signs. Oral cancer, a potentially deadly condition, is monitored for during each checkup.

Gum Disease And Its Effects On Your Overall Health

Gum disease is a problem in and of itself, but it can also aggravate other conditions. If you leave it unaddressed, a periodontal infection can actually attack the support keeping your teeth in place. This can lead to tooth loss. However, it can have effects on your general health, too. It can complicate your condition if you have diabetes, and make it more difficult to manage. Gum disease can affect your risk for heart disease, too. If you start to show signs of gum disease, your dentist can arrange for an ultrasonic deep cleaning. With this treatment, your teeth will be cleaned below your gum line. This eliminates the bacteria that can potentially infect your gum tissue.

Screening For Oral Cancer

During each checkup, your dentist will watch out for oral cancer. Oral cancer, like any form of cancer, can progress into a deadly condition. If your dentist sees anything unusual that might be a sign of the disease, a biopsy can be arranged. Early detection will provide you with a major advantage for a successful treatment and recovery.


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