Our Bridges And Dentures Appear Lifelike

If you are experiencing permanent tooth loss, you know just how frustrating it can be. You may notice a decline in the function and appearance of your smile. There are several replacement options you can choose from to get your grin back. Today, Dr. Browne’s team in Prairie Village, KS, will be discussing the benefits of bridges or dentures.

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Missing Teeth Can Disrupt Your Smile’s Function

There are several reasons why you should not ignore tooth loss. First, it can affect the function and appearance of your grin. If you have recently lost one of your pearly whites, you may have already noticed that it has changed the way you speak and talk. Depending on which area it has affected, this may be a more obvious change. If you have had a gap in your smile for an extended period, you may have noticed that your other teeth have shifted, or you cannot chew your favorite foods anymore. If the gap is in a highly visible place, it could have lowered your confidence and make you feel like you cannot show off your grin anymore. These problems can be upsetting, but there is a way to help improve your situation.

Dentures Or Bridges Can Address Tooth Loss

What is the best way to replace your missing pearly whites? The prosthetic option that you choose will be based on your specific needs and goals. For instance, if you have one missing tooth, you may be able to replace it with the help of a dental bridge. This can replace up to three teeth in the same row. The structure is supported by the natural teeth that surround it. The bridge is permanent, and you will not have to take it out to clean. It can improve your ability to chew and speak.

If you have more severe loss, a denture may be a better option. These can be full or partial depending on your needs. A partial denture replaces the missing structures while allowing the natural healthy ones to remain. A full set of dentures will mimic an entire arch of missing teeth. Traditionally, you will remove these daily to clean and then secure them in the morning.

There is an option to have implant-retained dentures. Several posts will be surgically inserted into your jawbone to support the dentures. This not only improves the function and appearance of your smile but can also help preserve your jawbone. It will be crafted to look natural and lifelike, so you will not have to worry about others knowing you have a prosthetic.

Learn More About Your Options Today

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