Protect Your Smile From Bruxism And TMJ

Your oral health may be affected by more than the threat of cavities or gum disease. Other problems, like teeth grinding or TMJ issues, can put your smile at risk of harm. However, your Prairie Village, KS, dentist may be able to address these concerns and treat them with the help of an oral appliance.

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Why Your Dentist Is Concerned About Bruxism And TMJ

Bruxism and TMJ can have a negative impact on your oral health. Bruxism is a condition that causes a patient to chronically grind their teeth or clench their jaw together. This can cause your teeth to become worn down rapidly and can cause sensitivity, discomfort, and other problems. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ/ TMD) is a disorder that causes difficulty in the way your jaw joints move. This may be caused by genetics, arthritis, or an injury. The condition may become worsened if you have bruxism.

Your dentist may be concerned about these disorders due to the threat they can pose to your oral health. When your teeth become severely worn, it can put you at risk for cavities, fractures, and other problems. TMJ can also make it difficult to chew and may worsen your misalignment.

Treating These Conditions

While these problems can seem like a daunting task to correct, they often can be repaired without surgery. In many cases, a custom mouthguard can help treat the problem. This guard can be worn at night to protect your pearly whites from clenching together. It can also help hold your jaw in the proper position so that you can feel more comfortable.

To begin treatment, you will first need a consultation with your dentist. They will examine your smile and go over possible symptoms that you may have. This will help in diagnosing the problem. Then, they can create a custom mouthguard by taking impressions of your smile.

Restoring Your Smile After Treatment

Once the problems are able to be managed, your dentist may recommend restoring your pearly whites back to health. For example, if you have struggled with bruxism, your teeth may be severely worn down. To protect them from potential damage or sensitivity, dental crowns can be placed on them. These will look natural and can provide extra protection to the area. If a tooth has been severely damaged, or lost, due to these conditions, your dentist can discuss prosthetic replacement options with you. For patients whose problems are more visual, cosmetic bonding treatments can be done to disguise the look of blemishes throughout your smile. Your dentist can discuss your options with you.

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