Month: October 2022

Emergency Care For A Dislodged Tooth

Few dental emergencies can feel as upsetting as the loss of a tooth. This is a problem that leaves you worried about your health as well as your appearance, and you can have only a limited time to respond before the tooth cannot be saved. Fortunately, you can rely on access to timely care as… Read more »

Is It Time To Try Clear Aligners?

Do you feel that your smile is just not as attractive as it could be because your teeth are not spaced properly? Are you interested in correcting problems with gaps and overlaps despite feeling uneasy about treatment with braces? At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can offer an effective treatment solution for many… Read more »

How Veneers Positively Change Smiles

If you are not comfortable with your smile, it can be difficult to project confidence in social and professional environments. It can also be difficult for you to generally feel comfortable with how you look, as this tends to be one of our most prominent features. The good news is that dental flaws can be… Read more »

Will An Infected Tooth Need Emergency Care?

When cavities remain untreated, they continue to grow. That growth over time can lead to serious consequences for your health and comfort, as you can eventually find yourself in need of help because of an infected tooth! Infections occur when decay reaches a point where bacteria can infiltrate your pulp and create problems with living… Read more »

Using Your Orthodontic Clear Aligners

When you make the choice to fix problems with the way your teeth are spaced, you can enjoy a surprisingly easy approach to treatment. This is because your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can provide Orthodontic Clear Aligners to make fixes to your appearance. Through the use of these appliances, you can close gaps, straighten… Read more »

3 Reasons To Keep Up With Dental Cleanings

What can a dental cleaning do for you that you are not doing for yourself every time you brush and floss on your own? You can certainly give your hygienist less to worry about when you keep up with a good daily hygiene routine. With that said, even people who take pride in their daily… Read more »

When Your Tooth Is Loose After An Injury

A physical injury can have a significant impact on your smile and oral health. Even if your tooth is not visibly broken, you can have understandable worries over its condition when it feels loose. In the event that a tooth is knocked loose, or if it is already out of its socket, you can count… Read more »

Clear Aligner Treatment Can Boost Your Confidence

How much confidence do you have in your smile? If you have problems with poor teeth spacing, you can have doubts about your general appearance. Unfortunately, this is a problem people may be hesitant to treat, because they assume treatment will take the form of conspicuous metal braces. What you can find is that this… Read more »

Welcome Results From Conservative Tooth Bonding

If you opt for a more conservative cosmetic dental procedure, will you be able to see more than limited improvements? A treatment to restore your smile can target specific flaws while minimizing the overall changes that need to occur to make you feel more confident in how you look. Because of this, you can enjoy… Read more »

Emergency Access To Care For Dental Pain

If you want to see your dentist for a routine appointment, you can plan out your visit in advance. In fact, you can set up your next appointment while you are in the office for preventive services. However, there are times when patients find themselves in need of help on short notice. One reason for… Read more »