Month: May 2019

What Kind Of Effect Can TMJ Dysfunction Have On Your Life?

While you may not understand what is happening, you can be aware that something is wrong when you experience issues with headaches, difficult jaw movements, and other painful symptoms. What you should know is that these problems can be signs of TMJ dysfunction, which can create several problems for your daily life. You can have… Read more »

Learning Your Options For Restoring Your Incomplete Smile

If you do not know what prosthetic dental work can do for your smile, and your oral health, you can be unaware of the many benefits gained from replacing lost teeth. Did you know that a prosthetic can be permanently placed, and remain stable enough to help you bite and chew food? Did you know… Read more »

Teeth Stains Are Not The Only Cause Of Dental Discoloration

In the minds of many people, there is no real difference between talking about teeth stains, and dental discoloration. If you have teeth that look discolored, you may assume that the problem must be attributable to an accumulation of stains from different foods and drinks, or tobacco products. While these stains are common, and they… Read more »