What Kind Of Effect Can TMJ Dysfunction Have On Your Life?

While you may not understand what is happening, you can be aware that something is wrong when you experience issues with headaches, difficult jaw movements, and other painful symptoms. What you should know is that these problems can be signs of TMJ dysfunction, which can create several problems for your daily life. You can have a more difficult time biting, chewing, and speaking, which can be a consequence of persistent pain, or even a limited ability to move your jaw. You can also suffer from persistent headaches and other aches, and a frustrating tendency to grind your teeth during sleep. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is ready to help you manage this problem by addressing your jaw troubles.

Struggles With TMJ Dysfunction Can Make Biting, Chewing, And Speaking Difficult

It can become difficult to navigate your normal daily routine thanks to TMJ dysfunction. You can grow increasingly frustrated with painful or limited jaw movements, and you can find yourself distracted by those pains that result from your untreated jaw issues. If your problems are also connected to a teeth grinding habit, known as bruxism, you could wind up needing cosmetic dental work to hide the effects of wear and tear. In serious cases, restorative dental work could be needed to protect vulnerable teeth.

Why Are You Dealing With This Problem?

The “TMJ” in TMJ dysfunction refers to your temporomandibular joints. Any problems you have with these joints can lead to discomfort throughout your head and neck. This is because the problem can negatively affect your trigeminal nerve, which controls sensation in these areas. So why are you having this particular issue? There are several possible causes – you could be dealing with stress, arthritis in your jaw joints, the long-term effects of a jaw injury, or a flawed bite function. Even if the cause is not identified, your dentist can help you by providing relief for your jaw joints.

Seeking Your Dentist’s Help For TMJ Dysfunction

With a special oral appliance, worn at night, you can start reducing the stress that your jaw joints and muscles are under. This guard is specially made to fit you by your dentist – that custom fit ensures that it remains comfortable, and effective. In addition to helping relieve you of discomfort, your dentist can arrange care to repair any teeth damaged by teeth grinding. If the level of harm you experienced is serious, dental crowns may be required.

Talk To Dr. Browne If TMJ Dysfunction Is Having A Negative Effect On Your Life

If TMJ dysfunction is starting to adversely affect your quality of life, Dr. Browne is ready to provide you with important relief! Our practice can identify whether TMJ dysfunction if affecting you, provide a custom appliance to address the matter, and supply you with any restorative or cosmetic work to address damages done by teeth grinding. To learn more about the care we provide, or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.