Month: August 2016

Am I Stuck With This Gummy Smile?

When you look in the mirror do you see more pink than white? Do your gums overshadow your teeth? If so, that means that you have a gummy smile. A gummy smile is when you have too much gum showing and not enough of your white teeth. In most cases, if more than 4mm of… Read more »

Can Teeth Whitening Damage My Teeth?

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure and will not damage your teeth. However, some people may experience some tooth sensitivity after a whitening procedure, but this is temporary and, again, not all people will experience it. There are a wide range of social and professional benefits associated with a bright, white smile. So, if you… Read more »

Why It’s Important to Get Regular Oral Cancer Screenings

It isn’t as widely addressed as others, like breast cancer, but the truth is that oral cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers in America. It also boasts an alarmingly high mortality rate, though that rate is largely influenced by late-stage detection and treatment. Because of this, it’s important for your dentist to perform… Read more »

Got a Toothache? Try These Home Remedies!

Teeth can become sensitive for a number of reasons, like an advancing cavity or aggressive gum disease, to name just a couple. Depending on its severity, a toothache may be no more than a nuisance, or it may be intense enough to distract you from everything else. What is almost certain, though, is that there’s… Read more »

A Little Info About Gum Disease

Unlike a common cold or flu, you can’t wait out a dental disease by treating its symptoms and hoping that it goes away soon. Tooth decay and gum disease, the two most common forms of chronic dental disease, are progressive infections, and will continue to grow worse the longer they remain untreated. In the case… Read more »

Checkups & Cleanings – The Most Important Dental Treatment

It’s the most common form of dental treatment, and everyone should make the visit to their dentists on a regular basis. Either because or in spite of their popularity, checkups and cleanings are also the most frequently ignored dental treatment, which makes all other dental issues even more prevalent. As the most efficient way for… Read more »

3 Common Things that Contribute to Tooth Loss

Maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile can be simple, but it’s an ongoing, lifelong process. Some of the most common reasons for tooth loss are dental diseases – like cavities and gum disease – that are easily preventable with a good hygiene routine and regular visits to your dentist. To help increase your chances of preserving… Read more »

3 Things About Root Canals You Might Not Know

If you’ve been told that you need root canal treatment (RCT) and have never had the procedure before, then you may have several questions before feeling comfortable with it. For many patients, the idea of root canal treatment has been unjustly characterized as an intense, unpleasant, or unnecessary experience. The truth, though, is that root… Read more »

Do We Inherit Our Dental Health?

You inherit a lot of traits from your parents and grandparents, from your hair and eye color, to your height and facial features. In some ways, you might also inherit traits that can affect the long-term state of your dental health. While good hygiene and regular dental care are almost entirely under your control, some… Read more »

A Brief History of Dental Implants

Considering the necessity of teeth to eat and speak properly, it should be no surprise that the quest to replace lost or extracted teeth is an ancient one. However, today’s methods and materials are far more advanced than our ancestors could have imagined. Innovative dental porcelain can closely mimic the natural light-reflecting properties of your… Read more »