Am I Stuck With This Gummy Smile?

gumsWhen you look in the mirror do you see more pink than white? Do your gums overshadow your teeth? If so, that means that you have a gummy smile. A gummy smile is when you have too much gum showing and not enough of your white teeth. In most cases, if more than 4mm of gum is showing on your teeth, you will be perceived to have a gummy smile. If you feel you have a gummy smile and are wondering if you are stuck with it, the answer is no. There is treatment that can reduce the amount of gum tissue covering the crowns of your teeth. It is called gum recontouring.

A Gummy Smile

When you feel that you have too much gum showing when you smile and it makes your teeth look smaller and your smile unattractive, it can be a cause for embarrassment, and you may become self-conscious about smiling. Smiling is a human reaction and a form of non-verbal communication. It can convey happiness, attraction, and other positive emotions. Don’t deprive yourself or others of your smile. Consider gum recontouring. It can give you your smile back.

Treatment Procedure

Gum recontouring is a surgical cosmetic procedure. However, Dr. Browne will administer a local anesthetic to reduce any discomfort. Next, he will remove the excess gum tissue by gently sculpting the extra tissue away and reshaping, or recontouring, your gumline so it is even and balanced in relation to your teeth, lips, face, and overall smile. Sutures are needed to assist the healing process which can take up to a few weeks. However, once the extra tissue has been removed it won’t be long before you can flash a beautiful, new smile.