Month: June 2016

Dealing With Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned teeth can be problematic for your oral health, just as it can be a problem for your appearance. When teeth overlap in inappropriate ways, it can leave areas of your tooth’s surface harder to clean. This can make you more likely to suffer cavities. It could also leave you placing more strain than you… Read more »

Why Use Composite Resin For A Dental Filling?

Your dentist can make short work of a cavity when you seek prompt treatment. If it is caught in time, your dentist can use a dental filling to restore your tooth. This is the most conservative method for taking care of your tooth after a cavity. Material is placed in the area of your tooth… Read more »

3 Things You Should Know About Restorative Dental Work

Do you know what to expect when you see your dentist about an existing problem? Restorative dental work can eliminate active issues with a tooth, so that you can return to your optimal oral health. These procedures can involve the removal of damaged tooth structure. While this loss may not regrow itself, your dentist can… Read more »

Quiz: Gum Disease And Other Periodontal Matters

Your periodontal health is an essential component of your oral health, and it can also play a part in your general health. Routine care like brushing and flossing can protect your gums, just as these actions protect your teeth. Regular visits to your dentist can also help keep periodontal tissue in good condition. An ultrasonic… Read more »