Month: September 2016

What Causes TMD?

TMJ is the acronym for temporomandibular joint. That’s a long complicated word for your jaw joint! If you want to find your jaw joint, put your fingers on the side of your face in front of your ears and open your mouth. The round, hard bone that you feel is your jaw joint. There is […]

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What Is The Difference Between A Regular Dental Cleaning And A Deep Cleaning?

Dental cleanings are performed to help keep your teeth clean and healthy, which means free from bacterial plaque and tartar. Certain bacteria in your mouth feed on leftover food debris and sugars from foods and beverages, and in the process multiply and produce harmful enamel-eating acids. The bacteria and acids mix with your saliva and […]

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5 Oral Cancer Facts

Oral cancers are part of a group of cancers referred to as head and neck cancers. Although oral cancer isn’t usually the one you hear about on the news, over 48,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year. Because this cancer is usually discovered late, often when the cancer has already […]

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Dental Quiz: Checkups And Cleanings

Checkups and cleanings are important to your dental and overall health. Although they may seem unimportant, they can prevent more serious issues from developing. So if you are skipping your checkups and cleanings because you think they are an unwarranted expense, and/or an interruption to your schedule, you may want to think again. Take the […]

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