Month: January 2016

What Tooth Bonding And Contouring Can Do For Your Smile

Tooth bonding and contouring offer cosmetic benefits, often in a single visit. Contouring can address a tooth’s shape, and help reduce an overly large tooth. Bonding uses composite resin to cover signs of damage and discoloration, as well as adding size to a small tooth. These procedures can be performed together, with your dentist removing… Read more »

OraVerse Can Offer Speedier Recovery From Local Anesthetic

A local anesthetic makes it possible to receive involved dental care with minimized discomfort. While this can make it easier to undergo important procedures, it can mean leaving a procedure while still experiencing numbness in your mouth. This can lead to embarrassing problems, like slurred speech and drooling. It can also cause you to bite… Read more »

Options For Replacing Lost Teeth

Tooth loss can affect your confidence in your smile, but it is more than just a cosmetic problem. Even a single lost tooth can complicate your oral health. Missing teeth can cause you to do things like chewing and speaking with unnatural jaw movements, which can increase your risk of TMJ dysfunction. Adjustments in how… Read more »

Deep Cleanings Help Fight Gum Disease

The thorough cleaning you receive during a routine dental checkup goes beyond what you can provide on your own. Your hygienist has training and tools available to ensure that your mouth is comprehensively cleaned during a visit. For patients who are worried about gum disease, a deep cleaning (also called a periodontic cleaning) enables your… Read more »