Remarkable Service For Healthy Smiles

confident man smiling Practicing rigorous oral hygiene helps preserve your teeth and gums as you go about your day. Because your mouth is a sensitive part of your body, regularly brushing and flossing removes bacterial deposits that lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Dedicating this time for self-care each morning can provide physical, mental, and emotional benefits. When you know your breath is fresh, you may feel more confident interacting with others.

To support your daily oral health routine, attending semiannual dental checkups  allows your Prairie Village, KS dentist to provide care beyond your abilities at home. We can evaluate the results of your efforts and treat any problems we detect.

Dental Checkups Provide Regular Care

When you visit your dentist twice a year, routine cleaning and examination helps you maintain your long-term oral health. At each meeting, a hygienist will use special tools to remove plaque and tartar deposits that cannot be treated with your standard brush. This helps you prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and stops existing problems from becoming worse. If we detect an advanced problem with your teeth, we will schedule a dental treatment to be performed on an as-needed basis. Regular visitation allows us to answer any questions you have about your oral hygiene routine to better serve your practices, so do not feel shy to ask!

Supporting Gum Health With Deep Cleanings

For patients that experience an advanced infection of their gums, we offer cleaning appointments that go beyond that of a standard checkup. Deep cleanings help remove bacterial deposits that form below your gumline in pockets between the teeth. Where a standard cleaning addresses the crown of a tooth, this service removes deposits from the root as well. Modern techniques allow us to break up these deposits with ultrasonic technology that prioritizes your comfort. Depending upon the extent of your infection, this technique may be all you need to keep your disease at bay.

Screening For Oral Cancer

As part of your regular checkup, your dentist examines your mouth for the signs of oral cancer. We will check your tongue, throat, cheeks, and other areas for symptoms that indicate cancer’s presence. This includes abnormally colored patches, changes in texture of tissues, or sores that do not heal. Because early detection provides the best chances for successful treatment, attending your dental checkup is vital in the fight against oral cancer.

Attend A Dental Checkup With Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist Soon!

Routine cleanings and examination allow your dentist to help you maintain a healthy smile. We can remove plaque and tartar deposits that cause tooth decay and treat other oral problems when they arise. For more information and to schedule a visit, please contact your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.