Bridges And Dentures

Dental bridges and dentures respond to different degrees of tooth loss. Both restorations offer lifelike appearances as well as stability so that you can bite, chew, and speak with renewed confidence. Patients can also talk with Dr. Browne about using dental implants to support restorations, which can offer increased stability and comfort.

The Importance Of Responding To Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can take a serious toll on your smile as well as your oral health. The longer you go without the right restorative dental treatment, the more this issue can affect you by limiting your diet, making jaw movement more painful, and even causing jawbone deterioration. Through the use of different prosthetic appliances, we can help people impacted by different degrees of tooth loss.

  • Dental bridges are used to address the loss of one tooth or the loss of multiple adjacent teeth. These restorations consist of a pair of dental crowns and a pontic (replacement tooth) for every tooth that needs to be replaced. The crowns are set over teeth to act as abutments that hold the bridge in position. We also have the option of using a dental implant to hold this appliance.
  • Partial and full dentures respond to more advanced tooth loss. A partial denture can replace multiple teeth when your losses are not adjacent. Your prosthesis will be custom-made to fill the gaps in your upper or lower teeth. A full denture replaces an entire row with lifelike replacements that sit atop a pink gum base to help preserve a natural look. These can also be supported with dental implants.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Treatment With A Bridge Or Denture To Restore Your Smile

Just as patients can seek treatment after experiencing different degrees of tooth loss, different restorations can be used to replace missing teeth. To learn how Dr. Browne can provide you with a dental bridge or denture in order to give back your complete smile, contact our Prairie Village, KS dental office at (913) 901-8585.