Boost Your Confidence With Professional Teeth Whitening

Your smile is one of the first features people notice about you when you first meet. If you have stains or discoloration, it could leave a less desirable impression on others. While having yellowed teeth does not necessarily mean they are unhealthy, it may not appear attractive to others. Dr. Browne’s team in Prairie Village, KS, offers professional teeth brightening services that can help improve the look of your pearly whites and increase your confidence.

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Brighten Your Smile At Home

How does a professional whitening treatment compare to a store-bought one? These generic kits may seem tempting to purchase if you are in a pinch and may offer a visible change. However, the ingredients in these packages may cause more harm than good to your pearly whites. A safer way to achieve your smile goals is with professional treatment. This can still be done within the comfort of your home but includes a tailored tray and safer ingredients. After having a consultation with your dentist, a personalized kit will be made for you. You will apply the trays and bleach every day for a set amount of time. Then, in about two weeks, you can enjoy your vibrant results. A helpful advantage to this method instead of a store-bought set is that the system will be personalized to your needs.

The Benefits Of This Cosmetic Treatment

Having a brighter smile does not necessarily mean it is healthier. However, there are several benefits to removing stains from your pearly whites. One significant reason that patients may opt for this treatment is because it can boost your confidence. Popular beverages like coffee and soda may leave your pearly whites looking dull. This can cause you to not want to show off your grin in pictures or during special events. If these stains can be removed, you may feel more confident in yourself and can even look younger. In addition to this, having a pretty smile can encourage you to take better care of it. You may feel more motivated to take care of your teeth if they appear to be cleaner.

Who Should Get Professional Whitening

This cosmetic treatment is great for patients who have discoloration on the surface of their teeth. If the discoloration is internal, other cosmetic options may be suggested instead. For example, cosmetic bonding can help disguise the look of unwanted blemishes and leave you with an even-appearing smile. Your dentist can discuss these treatment options during your consultation.

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