Whiten Your Smile Safely

If you are tired of having yellow or discolored teeth, you may be looking for a simple way to treat this. Before purchasing those store-bought brightening products, you should consult with your dentist. While these options may seem tempting on short notice, they may contain harsh ingredients that can damage your pearly whites. Dr. Browne and his team in Prairie Village, KS, offer a safe and effective treatment that can help you remove stains on your enamel at home.

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Tailoring The Treatment To Your Needs

Common generic whitening products like toothpaste, mouthwash, and strips contain harmful ingredients that can hurt your teeth. To prevent this, bring up your concerns with your dentist at your next checkup. They will be able to examine your smile and determine what a good way to address these problems may be. For many people, discoloration may be caused by external factors like frequent coffee sipping that stains your enamel. If this is the case, they can create a specified treatment for your needs. This will include trays that fit your teeth snuggly and a bleaching agent so that no area is left untreated.

How At-Home Whitening Works

First, personalized trays will be made based on measurements taken of your smile. Then, the necessary bleaching solution will be given to you as well. Every night for around two weeks, you will apply the solution to the trays for the amount of time specified by your dentist. The tooth-safe bleach will break down stains and leave you with vibrant pearly whites. The custom trays offer the benefit of fitting precisely to your teeth, which leaves you with better results. Store-bought whitening strips may not be the correct size or proportion for your smile and can miss some areas.

To maintain the results from this treatment, make sure to brush and floss daily. If you are a daily coffee or tea drinker, drinking these through a straw may help reduce stains caused by these beverages.

When You Have Intrinsic Staining

If you have blemishes beyond the surface level, professional whitening may not work for you. Instead, your dentist can recommend enhancements such as bonding, veneers, or Lumineers. Internal discoloration can be due to injuries, overuse of fluoride, or other problems. To minimize the appearance of these, composite resin can be bonded to the area to hide it. This will leave you with a brighter, stain-free look. Veneers are another permanent improvement that uses porcelain shells to create a symmetrical appearance. For similar results that require less invasive preparation, Lumineers are another great option.

Get Your Personalized Kit Today

To receive your custom treatment, schedule an appointment with Dr. Browne and his team in Prairie Village, KS, today by calling (913) 901-8585.