When To Choose Bonding And Contouring

In our last blog, we talked about how a professional teeth whitening treatment can improve the appearance of your smile. This is a great option for patients whose pearly whites have become dull over time due to external factors. However, if your discoloration has occurred internally, you may need to seek alternative treatments. Dr. Browne’s team in Prairie Village, KS, offers bonding which can improve the appearance of a blemished smile.

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How Bonding Compares To Whitening

As mentioned above, professional teeth whitening is a great treatment for patients who have extrinsic staining. This can be caused by certain beverages or foods we consume, such as coffee. For patients dealing with intrinsic staining, the source of discoloration may be due to genetic factors, health conditions, or injury to the area. Unfortunately, whitening will not be able to lift these stains. Instead, your dentist can help cover them with cosmetic bonding. This process can be done in a single appointment and leaves you with stunning results. Your dentist will bond the composite resin to the blemished area. This material is highly durable and looks natural, so you can have an even-appearing smile. Composite resin is also used for fillings to restore teeth after cavities.

Combine This Service With Contouring

To achieve the most significant results, you can pair bonding with cosmetic contouring. This is the process of reshaping your teeth. Contouring is a great option for patients who have misshapen or jagged teeth. While similar to the preparation done for veneers, it is less invasive. Only the necessary parts of the tooth will be reshaped. This step can be completed in the same appointment as the bonding. The process should not cause you any discomfort, but you can discuss sedation options with your dentist to ensure your comfort. Immediately following the appointment, the area may be more sensitive. However, this should stop within a few days.

We Can Contour Your Gums, Too

If your smile still appears uneven after bonding, it may be due to having an unsymmetrical gumline. This may happen if you have a “gummy” smile which makes your teeth appear shorter. To improve this imperfection, we also offer gum contouring. The dentist will remove excess tissue or smooth certain areas using gentle tools to leave you with a more even smile. It may take a few days to fully recover from this treatment. During this time, you will need to brush your teeth using a soft-bristled brush. Try to eat only soft foods and avoid anything that may irritate the area. Your dentist may prescribe you pain reducers, or you can buy over-the-counter products.

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