Dealing With Gingivitis During A Routine Dental Visit

How many oral health issues can your dentist really tend to during a routine dental exam? At a checkup, your Prairie Village, KS dentist will be on the lookout for more than just the warning signs of tooth decay! These visits give us regular opportunities to identify any issues that concern your oral health. One issue that we can identify is poor periodontal health. If Dr. Browne observes the signs of gingivitis, he can recommend an ultrasonic scaling instead of a standard teeth cleaning. An ultrasonic scaling removes bacteria from beneath your gum line. By taking care of these harmful microbes, an infection can be stopped, and your gums will have an opportunity to heal before there are long-term complications from poor periodontal health!

How Concerned Should I Be About Gingivitis?

If you have problems with gingivitis, you should be concerned about your overall oral health. Problems with gum disease begin when bacteria infiltrate your gum line and start to gather beneath your periodontal tissues. At first, you can experience the common symptoms of gingivitis, like swelling and discoloration of tissues, problems with tissues that bleed easily, or changes in your gum line. However, if an infection is not managed and bacteria have more time to cause trouble, your condition can worsen to the point where more involved treatment is required to manage the matter!

The Role Ultrasonic Scaling Plays In Preventing Oral Health Problems

Routine teeth cleanings are thorough cleaning sessions that remove plaque and tartar buildup from your tooth structure. What makes ultrasonic scaling different from a typical cleaning is the focus on removing harmful bacteria that reside below your gum line, an area that is not tended to during a typical cleaning. Our approach to periodontal care relies on an ultrasonic tool that can use soundwaves to make the process of breaking apart and dealing with bacteria more comfortable for patients.

Other Benefits To Regularly Scheduling Dental Exams

Regular dental appointments protect you in several ways. A routine teeth cleaning removes tartar deposits, something you are not able to do by brushing and flossing. You also receive early warnings about cavities – while small cavities still require restorative dental work, a discreet dental filling can be all that is needed to return a tooth to good health. Your dentist will also look out for other issues, including the early warning signs of oral cancer, a serious problem that is easier to manage successfully when caught early.

Count On Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist For Help If You Are Dealing With Gingivitis

With the support your dentist provides at your routine exams, you can stay protected against potential complications with your periodontal health. To find out more about our preventive services, please contact our Prairie Village, KS dental office today at 913-901-8585.