How Pain From TMJ Disorder Disrupts A Person’s Life

If you are experiencing an increased number of headaches, if biting and chewing cause pain, or if your jaw movement is stiff or difficult, you should let your dentist know. These are all issues that a person can experience when they struggle with TMJ disorder. This problem stems from a change in the alignment or condition of your jaw – while many issues can lead to this problem, work to correct your joint positioning and movement can be beneficial. During your appointment, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can evaluate you to see if TMJ disorder is causing your recent issues with pain and sensitivity. If so, we can recommend treatment to ease discomfort and positively change your joint alignment and movement. We can also help those who have experienced dental damage from teeth grinding, a problem that often affects those who struggle with TMJ disorder.

You Can Experience More Than Just Headaches

Headaches are an intrusive problem that can take away your focus, interfere with your mood, and generally make days feel longer and less pleasant. If you are starting to find that headaches are a regular issue, it could be connected to any ongoing issues with jaw stiffness, pain, or teeth grinding. The longer you wait to do something about these issues, the more time you spend with discomfort and bite difficulties. Fortunately, you can improve your jaw alignment and positioning through the use of a custom oral appliance provided by Dr. Browne. The appliance will be custom-made to fit comfortably and tend to your issues with improper alignment and jaw stress.

Dealing With Dental Damage Caused By Teeth Grinding

One common symptom of TMJ disorder is teeth grinding. This problem, also known as bruxism, can occur independently of trouble with TMJ disorder, and can even be the reason you start to experience difficulties with poor joint alignment and pain. If it is not resolved in time, a patient can develop noticeable enamel damage that calls for cosmetic dental work, and may even require restorative dental treatment! When we help you deal with TMJ problems, we can look for signs of teeth grinding. Because grinding often occurs at night, it can be difficult to address without your dentist’s help.

Stay Informed About Your Dental Health At Regular Checkups

If you regularly see your dentist for checkups, you can receive important updates about your oral health. That means more than just learning when a cavity has formed, or that you need to be concerned about gingivitis. We can check for evidence of teeth grinding and TMJ disorder when we meet with you and see if you require help with either condition. Remember that we also check for any warning signs of oral cancer, a serious disease that is easier to treat successfully when caught early.

Discuss TMJ Disorder With Dr. Browne

Through TMJ disorder treatment, we can put problems with jaw stiffness and pain, as well as teeth grinding, behind you! To learn more, contact our Prairie Village, KS dental office today at 913-901-8585.