Is It Time To Replace Your Current Toothbrush?

Hopefully, you reach for your toothbrush at least two times each day. Brushing for two minutes twice a day will help you protect your teeth, and your gums, from the damage oral bacteria can do to you. While you can excel at brushing on a daily basis, you can limit the effectiveness of daily care if you keep your toothbrush for too long. You should have a new brush every three or four months, or when you see a change in the bristles. If you keep up with this, and other smart oral health habits, you are more likely to hear good news about your smile during your next dental checkup with your Prairie Village, KS dentist!

Replacing An Older Brush Can Help You Continue To Enjoy Better Preventive Care

If you brush too aggressively, you can wear on your enamel, weaken your ability to naturally resist cavities, and find yourself needing restorative dental work more often. With that said, even a softer approach to brushing creates friction, and that friction can impact the bristles on your brush. If your current toothbrush bristles look frayed or dulled, you should be aware that your teeth are likely enjoying less care while you clean them than you realize. You should also keep in mind that while the three to four month window is worth tracking, you can protect your smile by replacing the brush whenever the bristles start to show the effects of regular use.

Other Tips For Improving Your At-Home Smile Care

You can improve your daily smile care habits in several ways. One way to make improvements is just to set a smart standard for daily brushing and flossing, and to make sure you meet it. Brushing should happen at least twice, and you should be brushing for at least two minutes. When you brush and floss, pay attention to the motions you use – if you are missing areas of your teeth, you can be at risk for problems. Overlooking the base of your teeth can be a particular problem, as it can put you at risk for gum disease. In between those times you clean your teeth, make sure you stay hydrated, and limit your sugar intake. When you practice all of these steps, you can have an easier time resisting dental trouble!

Want To Make Sure Your Teeth Are Healthy? Visit Your Dentist!

Simply put, if you want to make sure you really are free of oral health troubles, schedule regular dental exams. During every review of your smile, your dentist takes care to discover any issues that may be affecting you. In addition to helping you by identifying problems with tooth decay, or gum disease, your dentist watches for serious problems, like signs of oral cancer.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Arranging Quality Smile Care!

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