Protecting Your Smile From Gum Infection

Prairie Village, KS, Gum Disease

Taking care of your smile requires attention to gum health as well as your teeth. Luckily, many of the same behaviors that help you fight tooth decay prevent infections of this important tissue. The gums provide the connection between your teeth and jawbone, and without them, you risk losing teeth. A gum infection results from irritation causing the body’s inflammatory response to break down tissue in an attempt to escape. If you notice your gumline receding compared to its appearance in recent years, let your dentist know. We can determine if you have an infection, and provide valuable treatment to preserve your remaining tissue. Regular dental checkups can detect gum disease in its first stage when it is still reversible, so please pay a visit twice per year! When oral bacteria reach your jawbone, the infection becomes permanent and requires lifetime care.

At your Prairie Village, KS, dental office, we provide periodontal maintenance services for patients living with gum infections. As this disease is the primary cause of tooth loss among adults, attending your treatments is the best line of defense against missing teeth. We can clear bacterial deposits both above and below the gumline to allow tissues to heal and reattach to your teeth’s roots.

Neglecting Oral Hygiene Leads To Gum Disease

While gum disease can be caused by several factors, the presence of plaque and tartar is usually the culprit for your infection. That is why brushing and flossing twice per day is so important to protecting your oral health. In addition to preventing cavities that form in your tooth’s enamel, clearing oral bacteria prevents them from destroying the critical tissues that hold your smile steady. By attending regular cleanings and exams, we can inspect the results of your daily efforts. If we detect a problem with the gums, we can begin treatment then, potentially reversing the disease when in its first stage.

Scaling And Root Planing

If you have sore gums, constant bleeding whenever brushing your teeth, or chronic bad breath, let us know! These symptoms indicate an infection that requires immediate treatment. To clear bacteria that live below the gum line, we can perform a scaling and root planing procedure that peels your gum tissues back for easy access. The use of local anesthetics helps manage your discomfort during this process. We may suggest up to four separate sessions to complete your periodontal maintenance.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS, Dentist About Maintaining Healthy Gums

Do not wait to seek treatment for gum disease! When caught in its first stage, we can reverse your gingivitis. If you would like more information on how we help you maintain your gums, please reach out to our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.