A Permanent Replacement For Missing Teeth

Prairie Village, KS, Dental Implants

Whenever you lose one of your teeth, it can be quite a disappointment. While the cosmetic effect of tooth loss on your smile is obvious, the effect on your bite can be much worse. Simple tasks you once took for granted become more difficult. Because we rely on our teeth to form speech, our voice can begin to sound off. Certain favorite foods can now harm the open socket if they are too hard or sharp. Without replacement, neighboring teeth can begin to drift toward the open gap in your smile. This worsens your bite alignment, increasing your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Fortunately, we could inspect your oral health and determine if you are a candidate for a permanent dental implant. This restoration returns your bite to help prevent the worsening effects of tooth loss.

At your Prairie Village, KS, dental office, we repair your smile with prosthetics that help you enjoy a full smile. We know how important your bite is to your well-being, and that is why we encourage you to take on missing teeth with a solution that you can be proud of. By mimicking a tooth’s root, your dental implant can provide needed stimulation that helps preserve your jaw and the structure of your face.

The Factors That Lead To Tooth Loss

Understanding the conditions that make us lose teeth in adulthood can help you prevent additional future losses. While you may not be able to predict certain events like physical accidents, other conditions can be affected by personal decision-making. Failing to perform proper oral hygiene can lead to decay that wears on your tooth’s healthy structure. Without treatment, a cavity can grow beyond repair with a crown or filling. When this happens, we suggest extracting the tooth to prevent decay from spreading to other parts of your smile.

However, the primary cause of dental loss among adults today is gum disease. When bacteria infect your smile’s connective tissues, your teeth can become unstable. Before placing any implant teeth, we must get any infection under control with periodontal maintenance therapy.

Creating A Brand New Implant Tooth

If you have a healthy enough jaw, we can insert a titanium post directly through your open socket. Over the coming months, your oral tissues fuse with the post to hold it permanently for the rest of your life. For a single missing tooth, we can attach a dental crown that restores your appearance above the gumline. Implants can also combine with bridges or dentures to address more advanced forms of tooth loss.

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