Your Smile After Cavity Treatment

If you go in to your dentist’s office for cavity treatment, you can feel some lingering concerns over how your procedure will affect you. You can feel totally confident that your health concerns will be addressed, but can you count on treatment to proceed without causing changes to your appearance? At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we provide restorative services that rely on lifelike fillings and crowns. Because of this, we can make sure your needs are met without causing unwelcome changes to the way you look! Of course, we can also provide another important form of help—through preventive appointments, we can lower your risk for future cavities.

Can I Really Undergo Cavity Treatment Without Changing My Smile?

If you need work done to restore a tooth with a cavity, you should know that your dentist needs to address permanent harm to your enamel. After stopping the spread of decay, the focus of a cavity treatment will shift to addressing that damage that has already occurred. Our office provides patients support through lifelike dental fillings and dental crowns. Because of this, we can make sure that your tooth is effectively restored without changing its appearance even if you need work done because of advanced decay.

What Kind Of Procedure Will You Need To Address A Cavity?

Depending on the size of your cavity, you can receive either a dental filling or dental crown. The option to treat a tooth with a filling is the first one we will consider, as this is the more conservative approach. The placement of your restoration will occur after decayed tissues are carefully removed. Once applied, the resin substance we use to protect teeth will harden and provide lasting stability. If you need more than just this form of treatment, we can provide a custom dental crown. A crown will cover the tooth completely above your gum line. By putting it in place, we can provide protection after a severe cavity, even one that made root canal therapy necessary.

Protecting Yourself Against Future Dental Problems

With regular dental appointments, you will be able to protect yourself against future threats to your oral health! Cleanings and close evaluations from Dr. Browne will help you avoid complications that require more advanced care. If you are affected by a cavity, we can catch it in its earlier stages, which means you will only need a conservative filling.

Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist’s Office Provides Lifelike Treatments For Dental Decay

Through the restorative services provided at our practice, patients can recover from issues with tooth decay without having to experience visible smile changes. In addition to providing care for active issues, we can offer important preventive services to help you maintain healthy teeth. To find out more or schedule your next appointment, reach out to our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.