Ultrasonic Scaling And Your Periodontal Health

With consistent care at home, and regular checkups at your dentist’s office, you can keep your gums safe against infection. However, many people with steady routines can still find themselves fighting gingivitis. Fortunately, an ultrasonic scaling at our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can help! An ultrasonic scaling removes bacteria buildup below your gum line to stop gingivitis. By providing this service, our practice can help you move past a periodontal problem before complications arise. If you go without this treatment, and fail to effectively deal with the bacteria that are gathering below your gums, your infection can become difficult to treat, and you can become vulnerable to tooth loss and other issues.

Will You Need An Ultrasonic Scaling At Your Next Appointment?

If you have issues with gingivitis, your dentist can spot them and recommend treatment via ultrasonic scaling. This service goes beyond the kind of care your teeth receive during a traditional cleaning. This is because spaces below your gum line are cleaned. Our ultrasonic tool makes this procedure easier by using sound to break apart bacteria buildup. This is not a procedure that is necessary during every preventive procedure, but it provides important benefits when there are reasons to believe your gums are in poor health.

How Unresolved Issues With Gum Disease Affect Your Health

If gum disease is not treated in time, your condition can grow worse – when it does, it can become a long-term issue that you will have to contend with. In addition to making an infection harder to manage, this progression can make you more likely to lose teeth over time. This is because accumulating bacteria can destroy the tissues supporting teeth, leaving them loose or unstable enough to make a tooth extraction performed by your dentist necessary.

More Reasons To Keep Scheduling Dental Exams

Regular dental exams provide important feedback about your oral health, and they can result in early treatment for problems that have developed. This limits the amount of restorative dental work that is needed to care for a tooth when a cavity forms. In other words, by catching a problem with decay in time, your dentist can provide a dental filling before a root canal treatment is needed. Your visits also provide regular teeth cleanings that fight tartar and plaque buildup, which will make you less likely to have trouble with future oral health issues.

An Ultrasonic Scaling At Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist’s Office Can Protect Your Gums!

By performing an ultrasonic scaling to a patient with gingivitis, we can effectively address poor periodontal health before a condition grows worse. To learn more about this service, and others offered by Dr. Browne, please contact our Prairie Village, KS dental office today at 913-901-8585.