Why We Look For Signs Of TMJ Disorder During Checkups

How often do you find yourself wincing in pain because your jaw movement is uncomfortable? Do you sometimes struggle with a lack of movement, or with headaches and facial pain? These issues can be traced back to problems with TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder can be the consequence of several problems – your issues could occur because of a crooked bite, unresolved teeth grinding issues, or an injury. Patients sometimes do not recognize that their recent issues with headaches and other types of discomfort are linked to TMJ disorder. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can look for signs this condition is affecting you during a routine dental exam. If it is, we can find the cause and recommend the appropriate treatment to improve your quality of life!

Is TMJ Disorder Impacting Your Quality Of Life?

A person who suffers from TMJ disorder can experience frustration with daily aches and pains, find their jaw movement limited, and struggle with frequent headaches. If you are affected by this issue, and you are not addressing its cause, you can continue to struggle with painful or limited jaw movement, and you can experience worsening symptoms from a tendency to grind your teeth at night! Fortunately, once your dentist evaluates you and finds the cause of the problem, treatment can bring about welcome relief.

Treating Problems With Jaw Stiffness And Pain

Patients who are affected by TMJ disorder can enjoy relief thanks to oral appliance therapy. A custom oral appliance will help to straighten your jaw and ease tension on your joints. Over time, this will ease the pressure and pain of poor alignment and reduce discomfort. In addition to providing this work, we can determine if other procedures might be necessary to fully move you past your TMJ troubles. That can mean recommending orthodontic treatment to improve your bite alignment. It can also involve the restoration of teeth with dental crowns to help you apply pressure more evenly.

Has A Nightly Teeth Grinding Problem Affected Your Smile?

If your troubles with TMJ disorder are linked to teeth grinding, you can experience alarming dental injuries in addition to aches and pains. Through treatment with a custom night guard, your dentist can put  a stop to this problem. If your teeth are already damaged, we can determine if cosmetic dental work might be beneficial, or if you should have restorative dental work done to recover from your problems.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About TMJ Disorder And Your Treatment Options

Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, patients who struggle with TMJ disorder can receive treatment after the problem is identified at a dental checkup. To schedule a dental appointment, or to do something about symptoms of TMJ problems, contact our Prairie Village, KS dental office today at 913-901-8585.