Do The Following To Stay Informed About Your Oral Health

If you want to prevent problems with your oral health, a thorough and consistent brushing and flossing routine will be important, as will a smart diet that keeps sugar consumption to a minimum. If you want to stay informed about your oral health, you should take advantage of the preventive services offered by your dentist, but you should also watch for signs of poor oral health that you can identify between appointments. While our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office has helped many people stay on top of their dental care, it is important that you feel comfortable examining and protecting your smile on your own. Recognizing that something might be wrong allows you to adjust your daily routine, and it can make it easier for you to reach out and schedule treatment if you have concerns about your well-being.

Regular Exams Provide Consistent Feedback About Your Dental Health

At every regular dental exam, you benefit from both a thorough cleaning and evaluation of your smile. When the evaluation takes place, your dentist will check for any signs of trouble. In addition to looking for cavities, our practice looks for signs of poor periodontal health, and we can watch out for any potential signs of oral cancer. These visits also provide you with the chance to discuss any concerns you might have with dental pain, jaw stiffness, or problems with your appearance that make you self-conscious.

Watch For Signs Of Gingivitis Whenever You Brush And Floss

While it can be difficult to notice when a cavity has first formed, there are symptoms of gingivitis that you can – and should – be on the lookout for when you clean your smile. If your gums bleed when you brush and floss, gingivitis can be the reason why. It is also possible for you to identify symptoms like swelling, gum line recession, and discoloration when you are reviewing your smile. By recognizing a problem, you can make adjustments to your oral care routine to more thoroughly clean your smile at the gum line.

What Can You Do If You Believe Something Is Wrong?

While you can fight gingivitis with better brushing and flossing, you should be aware that problems with your teeth and gums may call for a visit to your dentist’s office. A periodontal cleaning can be performed to remove bacteria under your gum line. If you are experiencing problems with a tooth – problems like pain, discoloration, or sensitivity – it may be necessary for your dentist to perform a root canal procedure to fully restore it.

Discuss Your Oral Health Concerns At Our Prairie Village, KS Dentist’s Office

Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is ready to take care of patients who are struggling with dental problems, and those who want to bring up problems with their well-being. To find out more, you can contact Dr. Browne’s dental practice at 913-901-8585.