What Are You Doing To Prevent Problems With Gingivitis?

Your oral hygiene routine is meant to do more than just clean your teeth – you should also take care to protect your periodontal tissues from problems. To do this, you should focus on cleaning effectively at your gum line whenever you brush and floss, as doing so removes bacteria that can cause gingivitis to occur. While it is important for you to fight gingivitis yourself, you can count on help from your dentist as well. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can take on gingivitis by performing an ultrasonic scaling to directly target the bacteria attacking your gums. Efforts to rid you of this infection can be important. When gingivitis treatment does not occur, the infection can progress and create more problems for your dental and general health.

Fighting Gum Disease Through Daily Care

Every time you brush and floss your teeth, you have an opportunity to protect yourself against gum disease. To do this, make sure that you are cleaning thoroughly at the base of your teeth. This can effectively remove the oral bacteria and plaque deposits that might lead to an infection, and cause problems for you. Is your current routine keeping you safe against infection? To determine if you have problems with gingivitis, watch out for problems like periodontal bleeding, reddening, and swelling. Gingivitis can also be responsible for troubles with bad breath.

Undergoing An Ultrasonic Scaling

If your dentist identifies signs of poor periodontal health during your routine dental checkup, you can receive targeted support for your gums through an ultrasonic scaling. This is a more advanced cleaning than the one that is typically provided at a preventive exam. To protect you from an infection, we can clean the spaces of teeth that are normally covered by your gum line. Doing so helps the tissues heal and recover so that the problem is no longer an active concern. It is important to keep up with good oral care after this takes place.

Did You Know? Complications From Gum Disease Can Lead To Tooth Loss

How concerned should you be about advanced gum disease? The leading cause of tooth loss in adults is actually complications from this condition! This is one of many concerns that advanced gum disease can carry, but it is certainly one worth acknowledging if you are concerned about your long-term smile health. If you have already experienced tooth loss for this reason, we can talk with you about restoring your smile with a dental bridge, or make plans to restore your smile with dental implant support.

Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist Can Help You Manage Your Periodontal Health

At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, patients who show signs of poor periodontal health can count on our support in the office, as well as guidance on how to better prevent future infections. To find out more about our practice, and the support that Dr. Browne provides, call our dental practice in Prairie Village, KS at 913-901-8585.