What Separates Ultrasonic Scalings From Regular Cleanings?

At a standard preventive dental exam, your teeth will receive an expert cleaning from our hygienist. The cleanings provided during routine visits help patients keep their teeth healthy because they remove harmful plaque and tartar buildup. They also allow us to examine the state of your smile, and talk to you about your oral care routine. While these cleanings are thorough, they only address your teeth above your gum line. If you show signs of gingivitis, it can be important to deliver a more thorough treatment to remove bacteria beneath your gums. The treatment we provide in this situation is an ultrasonic scaling. While clearing away bacteria from beneath your gums, we use our ultrasonic tool to effectively clear away bacteria with less discomfort for our patients. After a successful cleaning, you can recover from a periodontal infection, and avoid complications from poor gum health.

Your Dentist Will Carefully Check Your Gums For Any Sign Of Infection

Every time you come in for a routine review, your smile is being checked for signs of tooth decay, chronic teeth grinding, gingivitis, and more. The trouble with dental health issues is that they can progressively worsen if they are not addressed in time. While you can protect yourself against gingivitis with better brushing and flossing, the problem can grow more serious if you do not manage the infection in time. If you develop an advanced infection, known as periodontitis, your condition can become irreversible, and may lead to problems with tooth loss, and problems for your general health.

What To Expect During Your Ultrasonic Scaling

An ultrasonic scaling is more involved than a standard dental cleaning, and it can take more than one visit for your session to be completed. We rely on ultrasonic technology to provide a more gentle means of clearing away plaque and tartar present on your teeth. By clearing away any bacteria buildup found beneath your gums, we can put a stop to further troubles, and allow your periodontal tissues to recover from infection.

Protecting Your Gums From A Future Infection

Regular dental exams will help you with problems like gingivitis, just as they help you avoid cavities that require restorative dental care. You should also take the time to properly clean your teeth at home if you want to avoid future periodontal troubles. Make sure you floss each day in addition to brushing, and that you spend time cleaning at your gum line to remove those bacteria that can cause gingivitis from affecting you.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Scheduling An Ultrasonic Scaling

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