Are You Experiencing Discomfort Due To TMJ Dysfunction?

If you continue to wake up with face and neck pain, or if you have recurring issues with headaches, your dentist may be able to explain what the root of your troubles might be. These problems can all point to TMJ dysfunction. This is a term used for ongoing trouble with your jaw joints and muscles that can lead to jaw pain, facial soreness or stiffness, limited jaw movement, and headaches. If the problem you have also includes teeth grinding, leaving the matter untreated can lead to dental damage, in addition to discomfort. During a visit to our Prairie Village, KS dental office, you can learn more about this issue, and find out how Dr. Browne can put a stop to your dental discomfort!

Look Out For Signs Of TMJ Dysfunction

A toothache is hardly the only form of discomfort worth mentioning to your dentist. Problems like chronic headaches, painful or limited movement of your jaw, and other pains around your face, neck, and head are all potential signs that you are struggling with TMJ dysfunction! If you have this problem, it can make your daily life difficult due to your distracting discomfort. It can also become an issue for the condition of your teeth – many people have teeth grinding issues connected to TMJ dysfunction.

Using An Appliance To Relieve Chronic Pain

At our practice, we can provide a special oral appliance for patients who are experiencing problems traced to their jaw health and function. Wearing your appliance at night allows you to enjoy sustained support, and put a stop the symptoms of your issue. We take care to custom-make these appliances in order to make sure it is comfortable, and effective for addressing your symptoms.

Have You Experienced Dental Damage Because Of Bruxism?

Bruxism, or persistent teeth grinding, often affects people who have untreated issues with TMJ dysfunction. The damages that you suffer can have a serious impact on your smile, as well as your overall oral health. You may notice minor changes to your smile at first, as wear and tear affects the shape of certain teeth. The continued pressure from teeth grinding can lead to more serious damage, which can call for restorative dental work. Your appliance can help you stop yourself from grinding your teeth at night, when the problem can do serious harm. If you want to do something about any changes to your smile, our practice can discuss cosmetic dental work with you to help you restore your smile confidence!

Talk To Dr. Browne About TMJ Dysfunction

At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, Dr. Browne is ready to help patients who are experiencing discomfort because of TMJ dysfunction! If you have questions about this problem, or if you want to discuss it during an appointment, please contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.