Is Poor Hydration Affecting Your Oral Health?

Some daily behaviors are more obviously connected to your oral health than others. When you brush and floss, the connection between these actions and your dental hygiene should be pretty apparent. Avoiding sugary treats can also show concern about problems like tooth decay. What you might not expect is that staying hydrated – and drinking more water – can have real benefits for your oral health. Staying better hydrated can help you naturally fight oral bacteria and decay, and choosing water over flavored beverages can help you avoid sugar. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we can talk to you during routine dental appointments about making positive changes to your daily behaviors that can help you avoid cavities!

Staying Hydrated Can Help You Naturally Fight Tooth Decay

When you stay hydrated, you have an easier time producing saliva. How does saliva fit into your oral health concerns? This substance contains beneficial calcium, and it can help neutralize the harmful bacteria that can cause cavities. Your saliva production can also help you rinse your mouth after eating, so food debris is not stuck to your teeth.

Choosing Water Over Flavored Beverages

It can be easy to overlook how many flavored beverages you consume in a typical day. These drinks are widely available, and we often pair them with meals. Unfortunately, this means you can end up adding more sugar to your diet than you anticipate. Soft drinks are often packed with sugar, and you have to worry about their acidity weakening their enamel. You can even wind up with teeth stains from colas! When water is more often consumed in place of flavored beverages, you can avoid potentially harmful effects, and keep your smile in better health.

Other Daily Habits You Can Follow To Improve Your Oral Health

Between semiannual dental checkups, your behaviors can either increase or decrease the possibility that you will need to have a dental filling placed for a cavity, or an ultrasonic scaling for gingivitis. Pay attention to your brushing and flossing habits, and make sure you are giving every portion of your smile a proper cleaning. In addition to working more water into your daily life, you should try to keep up with a more varied, nutrient-heavy diet. A nutritious diet can be better for your smile health, and for your general health. One thing you might want to consider is how your sleep habits might be affecting your smile. When you often struggle to gain enough rest, you can find yourself skipping brushing and flossing, or rushing through them.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Maintaining Great Oral Health!

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