Dental Evaluations Keep You Informed About Your Smile Health

What kind of care should you expect when you schedule a dental evaluation? What steps should be taken in the course of a routine appointment to properly protect your teeth and gums? At every checkup with your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we provide a thorough review of your oral health, and a dedicated professional cleaning. When these efforts take place, you can count on superior protection against problems like tooth decay and gum disease. In addition to helping you prevent problems from forming, an evaluation can ensure that any problems you do have are identified, and treated before they have the chance to worsen.

How Often Should You Have Your Oral Health Evaluated?

Your oral health evaluations should take place at six month intervals, unless your dentist advises following a different schedule. With the semiannual appointments, it is possible to effectively keep your smile healthy, and to treat any developing problems before they have enough time to do more significant harm.

Receiving A Professional Dental Cleaning

Your professional dental cleaning matters for your preventive oral health efforts, because your hygienist can give you a superior teeth cleaning to the ones you provide yourself. One significant benefit to regular cleanings is that they lead to the removal of any built-up tartar deposits that have formed since your last visit. Removing tartar protects you from cavities and gum disease – while your brushing and flossing are not enough to remove these deposits, your hygienist can clear them away.

If you show signs of gingivitis, your dentist may determine that an ultrasonic scaling is warranted. This is a different kind of dental cleaning, one that is focused on protecting you from a buildup of bacteria below your gum line. Because this is a more involved process, it is only performed when you show signs of poor periodontal health.

What Happens If Your Evaluation Leads To Your Dentist Finding A Cavity?

Patients can understandably feel less than thrilled when they hear that a cavity has formed on one of their teeth. During a regular exam, your dentist is able to find troubling signs of decay that have not grabbed your attention (yet). Dealing with a smaller cavity typically calls for a dental filling, which minimizes any effect on your healthy tooth structure. It should be noted that if you only see your dentist when you have the symptoms of a cavity, you can discover that you have let decay reach the point where a root canal and dental crown are necessary. In other words, regular checkups are important if you want to limit how much harm decay can really do to your tooth!

Talk To Dr. Browne About Setting Up A Dental Evaluation

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