Your Dentist Is Ready To Address Your Periodontal Health

Are you taking good care of your gums? If you want to maintain your full smile as you age, your periodontal health is something that certainly deserves your attention. Failing to prevent or treat gum disease can eventually lead to the development of periodontitis, an advanced infection that can damage the tissues supporting your teeth. Fortunately, you can protect yourself before this condition forms, and puts you at heightened risk for tooth loss. In addition to providing preventive dental care to protect you from developing gum disease, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can fight a periodontal infection with an ultrasonic scaling.

Are You In Need Of An Ultrasonic Scaling?

An ultrasonic scaling can help you put a stop to gingivitis, the early stage of a periodontal infection. This procedure takes action against the bacteria underneath your gum line, and also provides treatment to make it more difficult for future bacteria to accumulate on teeth below that line. If your issues with gum disease are already more advanced, this cleaning may be part of a larger plan to protect you against tooth loss caused by periodontitis.

Gum Disease Can Turn Into A Serious Problem If It Is Not Treated In Time

You can spot symptoms of gingivitis on your own, or have them recognized during a visit with your dentist. Counted among those symptoms are swollen and reddening gums, bleeding, and a recession of the gum line. When the problem is recognized and addressed, your gums can return to good condition before your problem grows complicated. Unfortunately, people sometimes miss the signs, and fail to keep up with regular dental exams. As a result, their condition will progress – this puts you in a difficult situation, as your gums will require long-term support to protect you against tooth loss. While the condition is not reversible, the effects of periodontitis can be managed.

Taking Steps To Improve Your Defense Against Gum Disease

If you want to do a truly effective job protecting your smile when you brush and floss, make sure you pay attention to your gum line. Bacteria that build up at the base of teeth can eventually infect your periodontal tissues, creating problems with gingivitis. You should also keep up with regular dental appointments. Early detection and treatment of problems can limit your overall issues with your smile. When it comes to cavity care, early detection and treatment means receiving a dental filling, rather than a root canal and a dental crown. Where periodontal care is concerned, early detection and treatment can be the difference between stopping gingivitis and managing periodontitis.

Dr. Browne Is Ready To Help Patients Manage Their Periodontal Health

Dr. Browne is prepared to help patients who are struggling with periodontal health issues. In addition to providing ultrasonic scalings, our practice provides important routine services at every checkup, which can keep you from experiencing the effects of gum disease and other problems. To learn more or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.