2 Mantras To Adopt During Dental Emergencies

It’s easy for us to tell you that dental emergencies are not worth a lot of upset. “Just relax!” we tell you. Take some deep breaths and you’ll be just fine because we are here to help. While you may know this on an intellectual level, all it takes is seeing your broken tooth or other trauma and all of that cerebral understanding goes right out the window. Instead, you may have a hard time feeling like everything is okay. For such moments, we encourage you to focus on a mantra (a statement you can think to yourself or say aloud over and over to help calm and focus your thoughts). Consider a couple helpful options!

#1: “Just Get To The Dentist”

Perhaps the idea of your smile being better soon isn’t convincing enough for your brain. You’re the type of person who needs a plan and details. If that’s the case, then in the midst of dental emergencies, you may wish to think or repeat something having to do with your goal, which is to come see us as soon as you can. Repeating something like, “Just get to the dentist,” will help you arrive at our practice without over-analyzing your current oral health dilemma, so we can fix the problem.

#2: “Make Your Calls And Stay Calm”

Do you have a plan in place for dental emergencies? If you’re someone who follows our frequent suggestion of calling your emergency contact friend, calling our practice to schedule a visit, and remaining calm, then mentally walk yourself through these steps with something like, “Make your calls and stay calm.” You can breathe, relax, set up your visit, and wait for your friend to arrive to drive you to our practice!

See Us For Dental Emergencies

When you need help and you don’t have a second to spare, bring your emergency to our attention immediately! Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.