Tooth Extraction

The goal with restorative dental work is to fully respond to an oral health threat with the most conservative treatment approach possible. With that said, there are circumstances where the only way to improve your health and smile is to perform a tooth extraction. In providing this care, we can remove a source of ongoing discomfort and make important improvements to your health. Removing a tooth in poor condition can also protect you against complications from an infection that can affect your general well-being in addition to your smile.

The Role Tooth Extraction Plays In Restoring Your Oral Health

While our teeth are protected by remarkably strong outer layers of enamel, damage from decay and physical trauma can occur. When problems are severe or not treated in time, complications can leave the tooth in such poor health that it cannot be saved even through root canal therapy. Not performing an extraction at this point can lead to several concerns, including the concern that bacteria will spread through its roots and harm your overall health!

Our practice can carefully remove a tooth that is putting your well-being in jeopardy. We can make this service part of a larger plan to restore your smile by making arrangements for you to receive a dental bridge or dental implant-held restoration.

Learn How A Tooth Extraction Performed At Our Prairie Village, KS Dental Office Can Restore Your Oral Health

Through tooth extraction, our practice can put a stop to your active pain, lower your risk for oral health complications, and prepare you for the restoration of your smile with a lifelike prosthesis. To find out if you need this procedure and how it can ultimately improve your well-being, call Dr. Browne’s Prairie Village, KS dental office today at (913) 901-8585.